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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moving On to Rock Ranch

I looked back through my pics and quickly added up where the past two months have gone. We've been busy with daily stuff and lots of highlights too. The blogging actually stopped because I got hung up on an entry. Maybe I'll still figure it out and post-date later. This site is taking place of printed pics and scrapbooks though, not just my journal, so let's move on. I'll stick to several post of pics to bridge the silent span and fill in the heart workings at another time. Enjoy, we did!

I left off at Sophie's Birthday. That was followed by a trip to Rock Ranch for the celebration, where everything except food is included in the price of admission, lovely! We even saw the owner, Truett Cathy and his wife riding around on a golf cart checking out the festivities. Then his daughter was the speaker at our Women's Christmas dinner. If you catch me enjoying fast food, it'll most likely be Chick-fil-a.

It started out COLD but sunny. 

Josiah would have gladly been Caleb's passenger till sundown.

 Jumping was a favorite for the big kids.

The monster truck was big and bad. 

Amelia, always the sensory kid looking for deep input, loved the heavy mallets to smash pumpkins.

She didn't so much like falling into the pumpkin guts shortly after this pic. I was impressed with the employee who wiped Amelia's hands off onto his overalls, nice improvising. 

Did you notice Amelia's colorful shoes? These were perhaps the best consignment purchase ever ($7, new and name brand)! She loves them. They have since been knocked off their pedestal for ones that feel good to her. More about that soon. Here's a close up of the bright ones.

 Yes, she likes her last year's pants with the hem let out and won't keep even these shoes tied/on.
That's our quirky girl!

Caleb's in the cow train but look closely for Josiah too, the escape artist. He was a "free spirit" that day!

Finally here are two of my favorite shots from the year, capturing the girls we know and love.

Amelia (8 1/2 yrs old)

Sophie (9 yrs old)

I hope your New Year is off to a beautiful start.


  1. ok, first off, I love those shoes - I want a pair!

    second, I cant believe how big they are getting - they are probably bigger than me now, Im betting.

    Good to see you blogging again.

  2. Well Addie what size is your foot in kids' shoes? If in decent shape we may need to keep you in mind for hand- me-downs. I tell Sophie she has about two sizes to go before she can own a better variety of shoes, thinking I'll get those when she shoots past me. Thanks for the encouragement as always!

  3. Hey Allison! Your blogging efforts are much better than mine. I've put it aside for now, I just can't keep up these days! Think about you often, especially when the kids and I are doing our Veritas Press Timeline Cards :-)

    Your kids are growing so quickly, I am amazed at how big Amelia and Sophie are! And Tall! My goodness!!!! And your boys, you are right, so incredibly handsome!

    Love you friend!

  4. I can wear a 13 in kids shoes but prefer a 1... :)

    I know it wont be long before my own daughter is raiding my closet - Gabe at 7, is already shoulder height... craziness how fast it all goes!