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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Waiting on Go (Ten Things Off the Top)

1. God's unwavering control and goodness became the foundations of my faith as Lydia's mom and beyond. Still lately I keep grappling with my unmet timing expectations instead of resting in His character. I'm geared down now but was mocked by my locket inscription most of the month:

Jeremiah 10:23
Lord, I know that peoples lives are not their own;
    it is not for them to direct their steps.

Just after the gender u/s my first girl name suggestion was 'Providence'. Jason laughed and said that sounded like Puritan for "oops baby", so we moved on. I did think it was pretty.

2. I was just asked several times IF I am pregnant. Ya think? This isn't even an action shot. You should see me walk, or not. What comes after the waddle stage? I'm there.

3. I've been pampered with mani/pedi, haircut and last pregnancy massage. All of that was last week though and my haircut isn't noticeable over my distracting belly. That's alright. I don't mind. (What polish will last on fingernails? Sad to already have to remove the chipping color.)

4. Started this pregnancy heavier but have only gained an additional 12-15lbs so far (fluctuating up and down from one week to the next). I usually gain 30-35, nice change!

5. Today a dear adult commented that I looked really pretty, as long as you only looked at my face. (I won't put your name but had to record this one, priceless! Not everyone appreciates the about-to-pop look.)

6. My parents needed to bring the girls home to start school and I figured certainly I'd be birthing by last week at the latest, so they stayed.

Sophie and Caleb's first day of school:

Everyone chipping in to carry supplies to the classrooms (across the street):

They've been here helping with the kids and watching me gestate for 11 days now. Oh yeah baby. Of my previous four pregnancies Lydia's was the only one that lasted this long.

7. It is petty but I really don't like the thought of this baby coming at 39 weeks just like Lydia. Even less appealing would be going to 40 weeks or more putting her into Sept, Lydia's birth month. No superstition or anything, just don't like it and hadn't mentally gone there before today. His timing is perfect. I know that.

8. I'm still crafting/nesting! In fact this pic doesn't have all the latest in it, will replace tomorrow if I get a chance:

9. Apparently I have a color scheme going, accidentally. Some things I do like carrying over from Lydia. Her hot pink wheelchair cover and orange adjustable parts left me endeared to the combo. Not only the crafts but the (gifted!) diaper bags and more are reflecting that delight.

Nathan'smommy sent orange and pink flowers for the anniv of Lydia's death and I've yet to post a pic. Enjoy the beauty with me:

10. Now at 38 weeks and 2 days, 4cm and 90%. My midwife is predicting labor by the weekend or sooner. I'm sitting on go, just waiting on some hard contractions and hopefully we'll have another quick labor. I'm trying to suspend all expectations. Rest. Chill. Peace. Nest.


  1. Great post Allison! Well, baby girl did not come on Jason's first day of school. Praying for each of you!

    1. Indeed he has a whole week of teaching under his belt as of today! Loving it too. Thank you.

  2. Great post!!! So look great! Even more than your face...glad that didn't ruffle you. Can't wait to see this little one from afar. Hope all goes smoothly. xoxo, Heidi

  3. Personally I love pregnant women and think they are glowing, you are no exception! A man in a store recently asked an expecting friend of mine if she swallowed a watermelon seed. Nice. Certainly hope this labor comes on quickly! Your family looks great too! Can't wait to see pictures of the newest Tripp!

  4. I think you and your haircut are adorable! We will be praying for you this week, especially that God shows up in the details in beautiful and memorable ways! Blessings on you! Julia Tarrant

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  6. You look amazing and I have you in my prayers and in my heart as you wait the longest wait of any pregnant mother. Those last few days are always the worst...they seem endless. It doesn't matter how far overdue (or not) you are. When you are ready, you are ready.

  7. Allison - you look amazing! Really! Hope you get your wish and your little one comes this weekend!

  8. Laughing at "oops baby" puritan name, but I think Providence is a beautiful name. Have you looked for baby names that mean that?
    I also love the look on your face in the picture of yourself you posted, as though you are laughing again at the question of are you pregnant!
    Sending love and prayers from coastal Georgia.

  9. Thank you friends for the compassion, compliments and prayers. I have been way too temporally minded, thus the anxiousness and the fears. It feels like climbing a big hill on a roller coaster, some idea of what may be coming but knowing even that falls short of the thrill and/or stomach dropping soon to come. May the event be a vessel of His glory, thus beautiful in every way.